Ethan and Jimmy

She called our office, with worry in her voice. She and her son were new to the Clarington community, and her otherwise happy go lucky son was having a difficult time transitioning to these changes in his life. A new school, a difficult time making friends, and no dad around to help make things easier…

Mom described a need for a positive male influence in his life. She did her best but hoped a Big Brother would provide guidance and support to her son. She imagined the fun the two would have doing all the “guy things” she just wasn’t very good at despite her efforts.

Together she and her son came into the office, and while being interviewed you could see the excitement and hope in his face as he described all the things he could do with his Big Brother. “We could play hockey, and he could come to my games, he could practise shooting on me, and I would save all his shots. Maybe we could play baseball and definitely video games.” Like most young boys, the list went on of all the things he could accomplish with his new friend.

It was clear how much this young boy would benefit from a Big Brother, and as he and his mom left their interview, BBSC quickly got to work on finding him the perfect Big Brother.

She would call the office regularly, with hope in her voice that a Big Brother was in the near future for her son. One afternoon, she even called to describe the dream her son had about his adventures with his Big Brother. He longed for a male in his life who would join him in doing all of his favourite things.

Someone must have been having the same dream.

A day later the perfect Big Brother walked through the doors of BBSC at 23 Scugog Street in Bowmanville. He wanted to get involved in his community, give back, and help make Clarington a better place. He had heard great things about the program, and wanted to be matched with a young boy who loved sports. He wanted the chance to change a child’s life. He had been thinking about volunteering for a while, but when he heard about the great need for mentors at BBSC he realized no time like the present.

They sat down to meet each other for the first time. The young boy smiling from ear to ear, wiggling with excitement, and the Big Brother, a little nervous. Together they discovered all the things they had in common, hockey being a favourite for both. As their first meeting came to a close, the two chatted like they had known each other all along. The connection was immediate, the friendship to last a lifetime.