We asked some of our current Bigs and Littles what their match meant to them for a chance to win a pair of Leafs tickets that was generously donated by Mark Borutski.

We had 3 different matches share with us What Their Match Meant to Them.

Thea & Karlee

Thea – Little Sister

I’m very happy to have a Big Sister like Karlee because I like spending time with her. She is honest, and she is always willing to try new things with me like when we went to the fishing derby. My Big Sister also teaches me new things. For example, she taught me how to make grilled cheese. I’m usually quiet and what I like about my Big Sister is that she makes me feel comfortable.

I would recommend to anyone to go check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington.

Karlee – Big Sister

My match means having someone to share new experiences and activities with every week, and have a whole bunch of fun! Mine and Thea’s goal for our match is to learn how to cook and bake more and it has been such a fun journey so far making brownies, cupcakes, lunch etc. together and I can`t wait to continue that goal. We are even hoping to go to one of the learning to cook classes that the grocery store puts on for different age groups! It has been great seeing her come out of her shell more as the months have gone by and I can`t wait to see how far our match will be at the end of the year.

Grace & Sydney

Sydney – Big Sister

Grace and I have been a match for almost 3 years now. In those three years we’ve managed to become great friends and even act like sisters at times, we also get that we look like siblings. Our match has brought us close and we’ve learned to work together as a team but also excel independently when needed. We make sure to keep in touch and updated on each other’s lives, it’s important to maintain respect, empathy and trust in a match and Grace and I have that in ours. So I’d say each match is unique and ours is a blend of both our personalities and beliefs, making our time spent together fun and impactful.

Alex & Madison

Madison – Little Sister

Alex & I have been friends for a year. This friendship has made me really happy because I get to spend time away from my family. We do different things and there is a different feeling (happy) when we are out (sometimes Mom can be strict). When we are together I feel like I can trust her, and we do a lot of things together that make me feel really really really really super-duper happy. My Big is a very special person in my life.

Alex – Big Sister

Madison and I enjoy spending time together. I always have a great time with her, she is always happy, smiling and is always making me laugh. I feel as though we have an excellent relationship. My Little is an important in my life and i feel over the past year we have made a very special bond that will be lifelong.

We would love to go to a hockey game because Madison loves the Toronto Maple Leafs and I love the Montreal Canadians – a fun rivalry is always a good time! If we won tickets we would be able to ride the GO Train (something Madison has never done) and enjoy an evening in the city!

Big Thank you to all of the matches that submitted their stories and shared with us what their match meant to them. Alex and Madison won the tickets to the Toronto Maple Leafs game.

Stay tuned to hear about much fun Alex & Madison had at the Leafs game!